Bonbonnière Egg    (1900)

This exquisitely crafted egg is less than two inches long and could have been used as a container for candies. The shell of the egg is silver gilt and enamelled in translucent white. Swags of green gold laurel leaves criss-crossed in red gold divide the egg into separate rounded panels. Rubies are set into the swags and into the lower panels.

The Original Bonbonnière Egg in all it's splendour

The original Bonbonnière Egg

Detail of the front of  TBI's egg...
Detail of TBI's Bonbonnière Egg

... and from the Fabergé original
Detail of the original Bonbonnière Egg


TBI's Bonbonnière Egg










TBI's carefully designed, top quality tin egg is inspired by the priceless original of Carl Fabergé. It measures 69mm wide by 110mm in length.

TBI's designers have patterned the inside of the egg with an authentic velvety red background and gold trellis overlay, in keeping with the originals, but without attempting to reproduce their wonderful suprise interiors